Fern Walk

20140523 Mosteiro Fern Walk 023

Mister Mista found this beautiful little circular walk on his travels on the quad the other day. It really is quite stunning.


A tiny little footpath with a quitely flowing rill to one side and a tumbling mountain river to the other.


It is like a secret little glen with it’s lush greenery and ferns.

20140523 Mosteiro Fern Walk 020


And it takes you to a small pebbly river beach, at the foot of a weir and waterfalls.



With deep dark pools and perfect little shallows for hot feet and paws.


A very steep climb up the hillside leads you to the top of the gorge.

20140523 Mosteiro Fern Walk 039

With wonderful views of the valley.

20140523 Mosteiro Fern Walk 041

And then a gentle stroll back down and you’re done!


Done and dandy.

2 thoughts on “Fern Walk

  1. Very nice, have you got both quads on the go now, must be nice to go out to these places together x

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