Himself, Myself & Mojito Time!

This is a little blog about our big new life.  A series of unfortunate events led to us being in the fortunate position of moving our lives to Portugal to see what it would bring.  The upside of down as it were and a case of if you don’t know where you are going, then any road will lead you there.

Creature, Chubbalubba & Old Sock

And there we are; himself, myself, a ginger creatureself, an old sockself and a chubba-lubbaself.

Himself and myself are 40 somethings that are wondering at what point we will finally grow-up but are secretly hoping it will be never.

Our three companions have various nick names – Garfield, Bad Cat, Creature; Bambi, Bad Boy, Scooby Doo Dog, Old Sock;  Pumpkin Bum, Schmoo, Gutsy Girl, Chubbalubba.  To name but a few.   They do have proper names, we only use them when they are being really bad.


Creature is our old cat, a strange ephemeral thing that often seems otherworldly, hence the nickname Creature.

Old Sock

Old Sock is our over-sensitive but oh so lovely lurcher, whose face, after a day of worry about life resembles a creased old sock.


Chubbalubba is our cuddly Kelpie cross, a rather loveable thing, if she chooses to be loved by you.  She has a wicked stare.

This is not a ‘How To’ blog, I am the wrong person to seek advice from if you want to move to Portugal.  We sold our house, we vaccinated our pets, we packed our bags and we drove to Portugal.  That is how we moved to Portugal.  That is not good advice.  We have done this by the skin of our teeth and the breadth of a hair.  Do not do as I do.

This is also not a journal, I would bore myself with my day to day goings on, let alone the poor buggers who may choose to read this blog.  It’s just the highlights, and maybe even some subtle lowlights, things seen from a different angle….

…..To quote that er… famous Italian pop group, DB Boulevard –

“Can’t you see?  Life it’s easy, if you consider things from another point of view.”

So that is it!  That is us.  In a nutshell, as it were.

So why Tosta Mista you may ask?  Tosta Mista is Portuguese for a ham and cheese toasted sandwich.  So, I say, why not?  Besides I like the way it sounds.

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4 thoughts on “Ola!

  1. A nice introduction to the family! 🙂 I definitely have seen this one before, but again forgot to like! I love the picture of Creature the cat, so crisp and clear – you should have an Etsy account or Society6, make yourself some money on some of your lovely pictures. I think you can have a deal where your image can be printed on all sorts of things, a t-shirt, biscuit tin, apron – haha! Hilarious what you can do with a picture today! 😀

    • Thanks Suzy, yes you can have photo’s of anything on everything now. I do feel for people who end up being given a cushion or towel or something as a present with a picture of their friends baby on it! The ones of my beloved cat are my favourite too, he took wonderful pictures and is sadly missed with his posing ways. 😀

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