Copperstone’s Autumn

My alter ego who works feverishly at The Copperstone Forge has just completed another Copperstone Collection of handmade glass beads.

Entitled simply, Autumn.

CSC AutumnxMy very favourite season without a doubt.

From the first Autumn showers.

P1140850xTo the lasting periods of heavy rain.

P1140851xThe dusky dark dusks.

P1140846xAnd the delightful dawns.

P1140849xThe smokey smell of bonfires.


And the abundance of ripe fruit. 


A truly beautiful season that kind of makes my heart sing a little.

But please take a peek at her Facebook page, Click here to go to Copperstone’s Facebook page

You’ll find these pendant beads and more.

I’m more than sure she would love to hear from you.

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