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  4. I thought I’d looked at this page before, but I must have closed the tab and forgot to like – sorry! I think you’ve added a lot of new ones since then. I really feel like I’ve visited your Portugal world!! The pictures of toes and doggy hairy toes are great! 😉 And how was that ride on that wheelie thing you were on? 🙂

  5. Love the recent additions. 🙂 The little green road train, light in the tunnel and the macro shots of insects – the face on one of the moth looks a little fearsome! 😯 I have a few photos of weevils to go on my photo blog soon. The odd weevil turns up in my flat now and then, from the large trees outside I think. 🙂

    • Weevils are cute little creatures aren’t they, with their little snouts. I love insects, I could sit for hours watching them work and interact with their surroundings. The ants here are amazing, huge big black ones to tiny little bitey red ones. They have little motorways running across the tracks in the olive groves. Actually I will take some photo’s and maybe do a post on them, they are fascinating.

      • Just came back to this comment as I meant to send you a link to someone I follow – she posts some lovely photos from her back garden, many macro photos of insects, including weevils, flies, bees, moths and butterflies. Just thought you might like to take a look. http://bluegirlphotography.wordpress.com/
        Originally she was someone Suzy followed on another blog, poems etc., her partner Bruce Rushton is another blogger I follow, mostly on his photography blog.
        Hope to get back to my blogs in the next week or so, combination of heat and too many other things to deal with have put me off, not to mention the current hiccups with wordpress.

      • Thanks GrowlTigger, I love macro photo’s. I bought myself quite an expensive macro lens before coming to Portugal but I find it very tricky to use, problems with depth of field and focusing. It is great for portraits though because of the narrow depth of field it really focuses on the subject. I find wordpress to be be very hiccuppy but I will perserve as I tried Blogger once but didn’t like it one bit. It is meant to be very simple to use but I couldn’t make head nor tail of it. I like to think it is too simple for me! 😀

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