Choppy Waters

Grumpy alert! Bear with and allow me my grump. It is not often but sometimes needed….

Has it been that long? Really? I am so crap at this, keeping up, keeping in touch. I have lots to write about really but time wise not so much. It was commented on the other day that we must be enjoying our everlasting holiday. Bah ha ha ha haaaaa!

We laughed long, hard and slightly manically at this.

I would challenge anyone to move to a non-English speaking country, where communication is slow and awkward; to a country where you have to re-learn and re-adapt to the most basic of things from driving to the shops to buying a loaf of bread; to finding that perfect piece of affordable land and then begin the process of designing and building your new home with very little clue about the rules and regulations you must follow; all the while setting up two new businesses despite having no experience whatsoever in being self-employed.

Challenge accepted anyone? No of course not, you would have to be insane!

I do, often, sit and wonder what the hell? But I’ve gone through this before and despite me thinking it far more often than I would like I still wouldn’t change things. I don’t think. Well I can’t so it is a pointless exercise to think what if. If I could have a home than that would be perfect, that would ease my ever worrying mind. But that is on the horizon so patience is the key.

But yes, so we are still here and ticking along. Mister Mista has had some health concerns and that is a worry, he is my rock, my anchor, my port in a storm (and other nautical cliches that I can’t think of at the moment). And when he is wavering then I waver with him. In fact when he is wavering, I am wavering big time. I am on a constant edge here, constantly on the verge of chucking it all in and running for the (Malvern) hills. So when he starts teetering towards the edge I am just about making the leap.

So, to be honest, things are a little choppy on our sea at the moment. Frustrating events beyond our control, health concerns and a genuine feeling of “COME ONNNNNN!” mean we are impatient, grumpy and questioning our every move.

It really is the last hurdle I guess, first stage planning has been approved but we are now waiting for second stage, the technical plans to go through. We have been told that will be about six to eight weeks. Once these are cleared we can apply for a building licence and hey ho off we go.

We haven’t been on the land for a while. We strimmed it all about a month ago but then rain and sun means we are back to square one, grass up to our heads. We have decided to wait until summer arrives properly, it is a little late this year, and then we shall do a final seasonal strim before the autumn rains.

But Copperstone Jewellery is going along nicely – have you liked my Facebook page yet?   Do pop over and say hello! I love my little job, the admin side is a slight pain in the arse truth be told, the social media side but creating pieces? That is wonderful! I could happily spend all day every day sat in my little cluttered studio, listening to Radio 2, drinking tea and just making things. It really is a joy.

So that is it in a nutshell. Still here and still just waiting. But we are planning and creating and finding things out so we are making slow progress.

And progress is progress.

Said some fool somewhere.


3 thoughts on “Choppy Waters

  1. Hi kate,
    As always you will muster through these niggles,look at the bigger picture,and the future will be wonderful
    I am sure.
    Wish I could come and help out,that would be a real ” challenge geoff”,but I have unfinished work to do.
    Keep everything up. Xxx

  2. We had similar comments when we first moved here – life must be one long holiday. But you are right, it is really hard work. Everything requires more thought and planning – how do I do this, where do I go to buy that, what is it called in Portuguese? Add to that the usual stresses of buying a property (even though we found the actual process easier than in the UK) and by the time we moved into our new home we were ready to crash & burn. We had various parents staying with us for the first three months of being in the new house and they were all keen and enthusiastic to help us unpack, decorate, build raised beds, harvest olives etc etc. Eventually we had to tell them to stop – we needed a holiday even if they didn’t!

    One thing that really helped me was to remember what I would have been doing in my ‘old’ life. It only took a few moments of picturing myself sitting in the office overlooking the railway yards, pushing around whatever piece of paper was deemed important at the time and I soon realised that I would rather be frustrated, excited & exhausted living a new life here!

  3. You will soon ve on the home run as they say, and at the end of that long and bumby home run, will be that dream home, that will be evrn better than you first ever dreamed of 🙂

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