I’m on Etsy now! 


Or rather The Copperstone Forge is. 


All proper like.

Do take a look and even follow me if you like.


I can’t promise where we’ll end up.


Or if we’ll even get there as I’ve barely even started.

But it might be fun enroute.


You can also find me on Facebook – .

I’m everywhere!



3 thoughts on “Etsy!

  1. Hello! I found your blog from your FB page and have spent a very enjoyable couple of evenings with a glass of wine, reading it from start to finish. My goodness, you’ve really had a roller coaster of a ride since arriving in Portugal haven’t you? The land looks and sounds great, I hope it the beginning of a long and happy future here for you both.

    Sarah (she of the ‘hot colours’ trinity wrap & pendant)

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