We are still waiting.

I mean how long does it take to sign a bit of paper?

OK, it may be several hundred bits of paper but nevertheless…….come on!

We naively thought our house may well of been well on the way by now, well it’s not.

We had the initial approvals back in April. We were given a six month window to start the build. After this we would have to reapply. It has taken five and a half months to approve the technical stage of the planning – where to put your plugs etc and we are still waiting.

The planning laws have changed massively since our initial application. We are not even sure if we do have to reapply if we will be granted permission this time round.

I have no idea why they only give you six months to put spade to ground, to get a builder, if they know full well it takes about that time for the second stage of the plans to be approved.

But there was August of course. That deadtime of a month which did us no favours and which, really, shouldn’t count towards our six months seeing as the whole of Portugal was on holiday for that period and nothing, and I mean nothing, can get done.

We are more than a trifle concerned but endless chasing and emails and phone calls do us no good but more concern and stress. So for now we sit and wait. We make endless plans and lists and drawings.

Which really is what our life boils down too. Endless dreams on paper. We have notebook after notebook full of little nuggets of inspiration. But at least we keep dreaming, keep evolving our thoughts and ideas.

But for once it would be nice for those little 2D sketches to take on some form and some reality.

All things come………………………..

2 thoughts on “Wait

  1. We really can’t believe why this is taking so long. Our took 2 weeks to be approved! Maybe its different if there is already a house with habitation there, but still this is ridiculous. We hope you hear soon x

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