Augustus Awfulis

Gosh, it’s been a while again hasn’t it. August was a horrible month truth be told. Not anything major. Not one big soul crushing event. Just lots of little nit picking things, one after the other. Slowly wearing you down until you find yourself sat in a corner, tearing your hair out and screaming silently over a broken mop.

That’s sounds extreme. But it is kind of true. One thing after another in an alien country where buying a loaf of bread can be challenge is, well, a challenge.

Some the silliest of things. Others major things at the time that worried us sick but sorted themselves in the end.

So I am glad that August is over and done with. We had both seriously had enough by week four. Both doubting our decisions and motives.

We need a bit of time to get back on track and remember why we came here in the first place.

And it is coming back. Slowly. We have plans galore and although those plans have changed a zillion times we are sure we have them right this time.

Until the next time.

6 thoughts on “Augustus Awfulis

  1. You and Mr C have had many challenges since moving to this country and at times I’m sure it has taken you both to the brink, but as Anita has said, you are people who get knocked down and get back up again, yes I know it can be emotionally and physically exhausting but you have a wonderful dream to work to and you will get it in the end … and if there is anything anyone can do to help you reach it then just give us a holla … we’ll all be there to help you! It’s now September and you’re having a ‘holiday’ so hopefully when you’re back online you will be very refreshed and raring to go (again ;-)). Keep strong xxx

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